Light is an Essential Nutrient!

Introducing the FJOR LIGHT Light Therapy Booth!

May 16, 2018

Introducing the FJOR LIGHT Light Therapy Booth!

Biohacker Summit, Epicenter, Stockholm, 18 May 2018

We are very excited to be launching the FJOR LIGHT Light Therapy Booth in your company here at the 2018 Biohacker Summit in Stockholm!

Help Us Name the Light Therapy Booth and Win a Prize!

We have not yet found a name for the Light Therapy Booth and we’d love to hear your suggestions. The person who comes up with the best name will be given a prize! Please make sure to provide your suggestions throughout the day.

How Was the Light Therapy Booth Conceived?

The idea for the Light Therapy Booth came about in the early autumn last year, when we were trying to incorporate light therapy into our suite of therapies made available in our London location. There was only one problem, we are based in a modern office building where all the walls are made of glass. Light therapy is best done with as few clothes on as possible…

One morning I came to think of the booths on each floor in the building where people go to have private telephone conversations. My first thought was to convert one of these into a light therapy booth!

I quickly started thinking about scaleability. At FJOR LIGHT it is our mission to help optimise as many people’s health and wellbeing as possible. This is when I conjured up the concept of a light therapy booth. What a good way to offer a therapy that does not have to cost the end-user much and simultaneously does not require much investment from the provider of the service? The booth is relatively cheap to produce, does not require a lot of space and only requires maintenance on level with a vending machine.

What Was Our Inspiration When Designing the Light Therapy Booth?

When designing the Light Therapy Booth we wanted to capture the concept of time travel, popularised by a myriad of books and films. As Red Light Therapy makes us look and feel younger, we are in effect travelling back in time!

Why Do We Need Light Therapy?

I think most of us have come to realise that our modern diet with “fake foods” containing unrecognisable ingredients coupled with our sedentary behaviour is not good for our health.

What many of us have not yet yet understood fully is that light is in fact an essential nutrient. By spending most of our time indoors with little access to natural light from the sun whilst also exposing ourselves to harmful blue-light emitting TV, computer, tablet and smartphone screens, particularly in the evening, we are damaging our bodies, and in particular our mitochondria (the energy producing organelles in our cells) in a profound way.

There are indications that the harmful blue light emitted from modern technological devices is likely to be more harmful than junk food. Judging by the behaviours of our children’s generation, we are going to see an explosion in chronic disease, unless we do something about it!

What is Light Therapy?

Photobiomodulation is a fancy name for light therapy. If broken down into its component parts, “photo” means “light, “bio” means “life” and “modulation” means “a change” in something. With photobiomodulation, light is used to cause a change in living organisms.

Visible red and near infrared light stimulates cells to generate more energy and undergo self-repair. The effect can be summarised as follows:

•The mitochondria, the power-plants of our cells, produce cellular energy called adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

•A mitochondrial enzyme called cytochrome oxidase c, is a light absorbing molecule, and it accepts photonic energy

•Light in the red/near-infrared spectrum can boost energy production in cells, especially in cells where energy is depleted

•Our body’s energy production involves not only food intake, but also exposure to certain wavelengths of light

What Kind of Light Does The Light Therapy Booth Emit?

The booth incorporates light therapy panels emitting red (in the 600-700nm range, in this case specifically 660 nm) and near infrared (in wavelength at or above 850 nm, here 850 nm) light. The reason why these particular wavelengths have been chosen is that the largest body of research evidencing positive therapeutic results has been conducted on these wavelengths.

Red light (600-700 nm) is used to treat superficial tissue and has been proven to enhance the appearance of the skin by increasing the blood flow, speeding up the regeneration process. Red light aids the proliferation of new skin cells, leaving the skin feeling tighter and smoother, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can be used for wound healing and reduction in scarring and for the treatment of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. The collagen density of the skin will also improve.

Near infrared light, NIR (850 nm and above) penetrates further and goes deeper into the body, helping reduce inflammation and joint pain as well as aide muscle and organ recovery, rebalance hormone production whilst improving health and wellbeing generally. Apart from UV light and the visible spectrum of light, natural light from the sun also provides infrared light, which is just outside of the visible spectrum. This is the heat that you feel. You don’t get infrared light indoors (well, a small amount if you use incandescent lightbulbs in the form of the heat generated).

The panels are powered by LED light. LEDs allow for more usable light because of their tight wavelength span. They generate very little heat and are incredibly durable, are very efficient and are considered more eco-friendly than incandescent or fluorescent sources. LEDs are the preferred delivery mechanism for light therapy.

Is it Safe to Expose the Eyes to the Light?

It is safe, beneficial even, to expose the eyes to the light generated by the Light Therapy Booth. It may take you a few sessions to feel comfortable with the bright red light. If you prefer you can wear goggles to begin with and slowly ease into it. 

Who Should Use the Light Therapy Booth?

Anyone who wants to feel more energised, achieve balanced hormone production, reduce aches and pains, aide recovery, reduce inflammation whilst looking and feeling great should use red light therapy! It works like a whole body battery charger. The increased cellular energy production kick-starts the process of regeneration systemically in the body.

As our modern-day lives seldom allow us to live optimally, we need cutting-edge therapies which help our bodies cope with the less than perfect lifestyles we have adopted and the environment we are exposed to.

How Long Do I Need to use the Light Booth For?

For optimal results, use the red light therapy for ten minutes daily or as often as you can fit it in to your busy schedule! You can extend the session, but note that more does not necessarily produce quicker or better results - there is an upper limit to the dose after which you may experience diminishing returns.

Is Red Light Therapy Superior to Sun Exposure?

There are a few ways in which red light therapy may provide equal or greater benefits than the sun in the case of cells that are malfunctioning. This is because a larger concentration of light in the therapeutic range can be delivered to these cells. Higher concentrations can also be delivered that penetrate the body deeper without excessive heat.

You should never think that sunlight can be replicated or be made more effective by way of man-made light sources. Red light therapy is not an alternative to getting full spectrum sunlight. Ideally you need to get both! Full spectrum sunlight helps you wake up in the morning, boosts vitamin D synthesis, and triggers a cascade of beneficial biochemical processes.

Can Red Light Therapy Treat Seasonal Effective Disorder?

Red light therapy cannot be used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD lights are used to help you overcome lack of sunlight. SAD lights should provide full spectrum light - ideally mimicking the light emitted by the sun. Red light only emits a small portion of the sun's full spectrum light.

How Do I Achieve the Best Results When Getting Red Light Therapy?

To get the best effect of the red light therapy, remove as many items of clothing as you feel comfortable shedding. To augment the red light therapy we have incorporated a grounding mat and Sound Therapy. Putting these therapies together will increase the therapeutic effect. In order to gain the benefit of the grounding mat, you should take off your shoes and socks.

Where Will We Be Able to Find a Light Therapy Booth?

It is our objective for the red light therapy to be affordable and available to the wider public. We envisage the booths being placed in office and university atriums, gyms and health spas, shopping centres, possibly even train stations and airports (a great pick-me-up after a tiresome and health-crippling flight). The Light Therapy Booth could be placed in any public space where there is access to some level of security and maintenance capability.

When Will There Be More Than Just a Prototype?

We have designed the wireframes for an App that will be used for locating a Light Therapy Booth, booking and paying for light therapy sessions, unlocking the booth and reporting any issues that may arise. Once we start producing more booths, we will develop the App which will be available both for iOS and Android users.

We expect to launch the Light Therapy Booth as soon as we have managed to get funding in place to commence small-scale production. Once we have achieved this, we can look at scaling up the production even further.

We would love to hear your feedback!