Light is an Essential Nutrient!

Vielight Inc is poised at the forefront of brain photobiomodulation technology. Vielight combines science with engineering ingenuity to develop devices that incorporate novel methods of delivering photons to the brain and inner systems. Vielight’s mission is to engineer photobiomodulation devices that are safe and effective, easy to use and affordable – all to truly help improve one’s quality of life.

The Vielight story started in 1995, when Lew Lim and his colleagues at Silicon Valley invented intranasal photobiomodulation as a non-invasive method of introducing therapeutic photonic energy into the human body. The research and development continued throughout the next decade before Vielight Inc was founded in Canada to commercialise the invention.

Vielight has since evolved into a formidable team of engineers, scientists and business professionals dedicated towards taking the technology to as many people as possible.

Vielight strives to look for new opportunities and expand its range of solutions by working in collaboration with some world-renowned research institutions in the field of photobiomodulation. Its goal is to combine that pioneering spirit with a passionate commitment towards improving people’s lives.

Vielight’s footprint currently covers North America, Europe, Australia and many other markets. Vielight recently received a CE certification, opening up the European market. Fjor Light is proud to be one of its first European resellers.