Light is an Essential Nutrient!


Light is fundamental to our wellbeing.
Big Sky by Finnish Light Cognitive recreates natural light in indoor spaces to improve our everyday wellbeing.
We spend the majority of our time indoors and many indoor spaces do not have enough access to natural light.
Scientific research shows that electric light should provide a spectrum that mimics daylight, gradually changing throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. This helps us stay alert and focussed during the day and promotes good sleep at night.
This type of lighting is called circadian lighting or human-centric lighting and presents a new approach to indoor lighting that is here to stay.
Big Sky light is generated with multiple energy-efficient LED's combined to create a light spectrum which closely matches natural light. The overall visual appearance of the light field resembles a view into the sky or horizon connecting our built environment with nature.
Big Sky comes in three designs - the wall-hanging Big Sky Horizon, Big Sky Dome that can be suspended or incorporated into the ceiling and Big Sky Limitless, which is a bespoke solution where the lighting is made to measure. Each of these can easily be fitted or fully integrated into any design scheme.
Big Sky looks fantastic in homes, offices, workplaces, retail spaces as well as public spaces.
If you would like to have a demonstration of Big Sky, please get in touch to make an appointment. Fjor Light is situated at 1 Fore Street Avenue, London EC2Y 9DT, in the City of London, next to Moorgate station.
Please download Light Cognitive’s electronic brochure for further specifications.


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